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are brilliant in their diversity and ingenious in how they weave together to create the fascinating story path of this game."Phoenix parents like Brooks, however — along with teachers and tech specialists from elsewhere who have criticized the game in recent years — feel the Flight to Freedom simulation downplays hundreds of years of suffering.

For instance, one decision in the simulation results in a screen that says, "You and Henry are beaten, locked up and sold south the next week," before asking whether students want to play again."It doesn't make sense for any educator with a clear understanding of what's going on in society …

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The guide did include the City of Immigrants mission, which involves a 14-year-old Jewish girl immigrating to New York from Russia in 1907.

Bresnahan said she agreed with parents' concerns and was taking the issue "to district administration to be reviewed quickly.”It was not immediately clear how many students had played Flight to Freedom.

She said the district’s “pacing guide,” an online repository of instructional tools made available to teachers, did not include that mission. Receive priority access to dozens of websites and services, with more being added every month.Priority sites load up to 35x faster than non-priority sites. Our priority connection will take you from n00b to l33t overnight."I really am optimistic that we can make some changes with the district, because they seemed receptive," he said."But it still doesn't explain to me how something so racist and sexist could've been used and nobody said anything."Bresnahan said the district appreciated Tuesday's meeting with Johnson and others, because it provided "a great opportunity for us to learn."“Equity, restorative justice and cultural competency are key to our strategic planning," she said.

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