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On the other hand, the themes Carol outlines feel relevant to 2017: the internet is a place of constant stimulation, endless communication, of addiction and compulsion, of misery, a dazzling vortex and a black hole.‘I was as addicted to chatting as others are to drugs, alcohol or gambling,’ she writes.Despite the pulpy title and cover, the book narrates a deeply unsettling and tumultuous year – 1995 to 1996 – Carol spent exploring ‘cyberspace’, spanning from an initial period of self-discovery and experimentation to internet addiction.Carol’s marriage ends, she enters numerous new romances, moves from Melbourne to Perth, and then travels from Perth to San Francisco to meet her online ‘soulmate’. The internet is a ‘virtual’ space for identity exploration, experimental anonymity and text-based intimacy.

I have an unpleasant droning in my head that comes from the endless feed of other people’s thoughts.Carol sometimes catches Mitch, late at night, looking up pornographic images, a novelty.The first chat program Carol joins is called Worlds Chat.I flick through to the Preface, which begins: ‘This is a book about addiction to chatting on the internet, a subject still very unfamiliar to many people’.Not only is the idea of internet addiction foreign to the Australian public in 1997, but the internet as technology seems to be unfamiliar enough to warrant a detailed explanation.

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