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George's father, who asked not to be named, told the Free Press that he doesn't know if his daughter "is innocent or guilty." But he doesn't believe his daughter would keep a woman in a shed.

He said his daughter has never been in trouble until she met Welch, whom he called a "clown" and "low-life piece of trash as far as I'm concerned."Welch has been in prison four times from 2001 though 2010, being discharged from Michigan Department of Corrections supervision in 2011, spokeswoman Holly Kramer said.

George also was charged with using a computer to commit a crime, according to the county sheriff's office."It freaked me out," neighbor Lou Ann Boylan said of the allegations.“Instead of helping this profoundly special-needs person, (the couple) took her support money, forced her to live rough in an outside shed, and sold her as a prostitute.

As your heart breaks for this vulnerable woman, your conscience is shocked by the abusive cruelty one human being is capable of showing to another," Prosecutor Eric Smith said in a release announcing the charges.

Neighbors said this is the Macomb Township mobile home and shed where Misty George and her boyfriend, Michael Welch, are accused of keeping a disabled woman, who Macomb County authorities said Oct. When the victim left the mobile home park, her family members found out what happened and contacted authorities Sept.

12."This whole incident spanned over a couple-month period," including the time she was staying in the home, Sheriff's Sgt. She said the victim and the suspects were high school acquaintances and that investigators are not releasing many specifics about the case, including how long the woman was in the shed.

"It's shocking."Shock, disbelief, even embarrassment were sentiments from neighbors today, a day after Misty George, 30, and her boyfriend, Michael Welch, 38, were charged with human trafficking-forced labor and prostitution/accepting earnings.Welch and George, who live together, initially allowed the victim to stay in their home at the Westbridge Manor mobile home community near 21 Mile and Heydenreich.But she was eventually moved to a nearby shed after she could not afford to pay the rent that the suspects demanded, the sheriff's office said.Kim Farrar, another neighbor who used to live next-door to the couple before they moved about a handful of mobile homes away, said that about a month ago, George said in a casual conversation that the couple had the woman sleep in the shed one time to teach her a lesson to appreciate what they did for her.Farrar said she often let what George said go in one ear and out the other, adding about the comment that she thought George "was rambling" and described the couple as "very odd." She said George told her about two weeks ago that the woman didn't live with the couple anymore.

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Adding, a piece of technology that could've prevented the train from speeding was not functional. 19) Highlights of this day in history: New Orleans marks completion of Louisiana Purchase; South Carolina is first state to secede from Union; Vermont Supreme Court rules in favor of homosexual couples; 'It's A Wonderful Life' premieres in New York. 20) She was disabled, housed in a shed and sold online for sex.

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