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In an ideal world, you would be able to playback whatever script was generated out of your recorded scenario.The recorder though has some of its limitations; it could be some optimizations brought into the recorder to keep a balance between performance and resilience, or it could be some accessibility issues with the application under test itself.NET3.5 or below, you need to do one of the following: You might come across one playback issue related to WPF virtualization on nested containers such as a Datagrid inside a Tab Page. Now control B has unique identifiable properties inside the sub-tree scope of X, yet the search for B still fails.

There could be instances of spurious popups not been dismissed or not handled in the test code.For certain UI technologies such as WPF which has virtualization support from accessibility layer (UI Automation), Coded UI Test playback does fine. You need to worry about this if the search hierarchy is auto-generated by Coded UI Test; the recorder does this automatically. Just to give some symptoms about playback failures where you would like to apply this configuration, a search for a control A inside a control X passed.Note that UIA virtualization support in WPF is provided for . Hence, if you have a WPF application containing virtualized item containers built in . Then the next action refreshed this control X and the subsequent action was search for a control B inside the same control X.There is another non-trivial way to tweak your search property using the Next Sibling search configuration as explained here. Virtualization issues An application could be designed in such a way that it’s UI objects are being fetched from a data source on demand basis.For example, say a grid table does not want to fetch all 10000 rows of data; instead it will just load the first 10 rows that show up in the view port and as and when the user scrolls the grid, it would load the rows from the data source.

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