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please be nice i have mental disorders emotional problems and low self esteem.

Skype has a contacts list through which you can add people having sex on skype via their respective skype sex names (which you choose when you make your free account on Skype’s website).my self harm is never used as a way to try to kill myself its just used to deal with things that are too much for me. well, there are a few reasons sometimes dealing with my mental disorders is too much sometimes its because i hate myself sometimes its too punish myself sometimes its because i miss family that died or even missing family that's alive i really don't have family that's lives very close to me.i am very weak but i cant help how my brain works sorry. sometimes i self harm when i'm too sad or too angry or upset.yes i do take medicine for my mental disorders i also have a therapist.i even been to mental hospital about 13 times in my life so far.

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