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In this instance, the person you love, the one that’s been by your side for years, is now gone.For many, the thought of life without their spouse is unimaginable, and they cannot picture how they will recover from such a loss and live a healthy life again. Just how does a person pick up the remaining pieces of their life and move forward when a spouse dies?

It was subtle to be sure, but I can distinctly remember reaching the place where my compassion for grieving friends had reached its capacity—and it was long before they stopped hurting. Four years ago I remember sitting with a dear friend at a coffee shop table in the aftermath of my father’s sudden passing.

I will have many good days and many moments of gratitude and times of welcome respite, but I’m never fully getting over this loss.

This is the cost of sharing your life with someone worth missing.

When is he going to get over that grief and move on already? I know you might be thinking that about me or about someone else these days.

I know you may look at someone you know in mourning and wonder when they’ll that explicitly, even in my own head.

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