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While contrast is good, it looks best to stay in the same color family.

Warm colors, such as red, orange, beige and yellow have a way of demanding attention.

Whether it’s a pale gray or a deep charcoal, gray is a color that works well regardless of seasonal changes, nature, region or architecture.

If you have a warm colored roof, consider a warm colored siding as they look best together.

Yellow is a surprisingly versatile color, working well with both quaint cottages and colonial homes.

Choosing yellow comes with the risk of going too bright.

They elicit excitement, and when paired with their cooler counterparts tend to appear more prominent.

Homes painted yellow embody a charm that is hard to rival.

Gray is a sophisticated and timeless color, making it ideal for exteriors.

That’s why choosing the perfect vinyl siding color combinations for your home, a decision you’ll live with for years to come, can be quite intimidating.

Color and style not only affects the way you feel towards your home but it can also have an impact on its value, too.

Spotlight your home’s front door with colors such as an aqua, pale yellow or olive green.

These beautiful colors demand attention, adding an element of sophistication and trendiness to your exterior.

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