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A pimple happens after excess oil has been trapped in pores on the skin.

Skin can also cause the blockage which then forms a small, fluid-filled bump. Diet, sun exposure and skin hygiene all cause pimples to form.

Cysts can form on organs in the body or on the skin. But either type needs to be removed because they eventually grow to interfere with daily life.

A cyst can be removed by popping it or surgically removing.

Stills of the show reflected the characters' hands holding together while Dong Joon seamlessly removes something from Young Joo's face. Jeon So Mi says she wants to go to school even on weekends in 'Dazed and Confused'. Some also revealed that Lee Bo Young and Sang Yoon would try to make their relationship grew together despite the fact that troubles and danger might come their way.

The California-based dermatologist originally thought the bump was limpoma, which is a soft, fatty lump that grows under the skin.She cut across the cyst in an area where the scar would be able to hide between the natural creases of the man's forehead.After the first cut, she realized it was a cyst instead.Pimples tend to disappear on their own or with topical treatment.A cyst is an enclosed sac that is surrounded by a biological membrane in tissue.

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