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I took a date to a place in St Pete called Tiajuana Flats.

It is an unusual burrito place very relaxed with a hot sauce bar. I live in Saint Pete and I have some favorite restaurants that I think would be date-friendly.

If the date turns out not so hot at least your food will be Tio Pepe's is a Spanish..Mexican, restaurant that is rather pricey,5star, restaurant in Clearwater. In the downtown area I like Redwoods (gourmet) on Central Ave, Café Alma (eclectic) on 1st Ave S, Pacific Wave (seafood) on 2nd St S, and Moon Under Water (British Colonial) on Beach Drive. It's on the top floor of the Grand Plaza Hotel on Gulf Blvd In St Pete Beach.

But the food is great and the best fresh made Sangria ever. The ambiance is great and the service is excellent. The Pinkhams entertain several nights a week including Friday and Saturday nights. North on 4th St I recommend the Brown Dog Café (Spicy! The whole seating area of the restaurant is a big circle that turns very slowly and it is one of the best sunset views on the beach. Mazzaro's Italian Market, 22nd Ave N by 29th St N in St Pete.

He affirmed my sentiment and told us about some of the colorful patrons and goings on years ago. It too has tastey wings but they aren't very meaty.

Hope this info is helpful and remember, this is just one guys opinion St. Great food, cannollis, gelati, fresh made pastas and breads, and an espresso bar. Just the smell seduces you as you walk in the door.

As good as anything in Little Italy, NY, or Philly. And Matry's on 4th St, Great food at affordable peices. But take an armed guard, as it is not in the best neighborhood It is a 5 star restauran T.

Prior to European exploration and settlement the Pinellas peninsula, like all of Tampa Bay, was inhabited by the Tocobaga Indians, who built a town and large temple mound overlooking the bay in what is now Safety Harbor.

The modern site is protected and can be visited as part of the County's Philippe Park.

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I had an entertainment consulting business,(referred people from out of town where to go for food/entertainment,etc) I have a fantastic list of places for all kinds of food and prices.

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