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Big' before proceeding to blame Carrie entirely for the breakdown of her relationship, uttering the immortal line: 'What the f*** is Carrie's problem? The former Spice Girl made a very random cameo on the show in season six as Samantha's friend Phoebe, who bumped into Jones in the street on a sweaty New York summer's day before dropping an epic boast about Soho House's exclusive rooftop pool 'where they mist you with Evian'.

Geri's appearance was memorable for three reasons: those rock-hard abs, that noughties ra-ra skirt and that INCREDIBLY plummy English accent (re-live it here immediately).

Before he became a big-time Hollywood actor, B-Coops was merely another young, hot thing (with some seriously floppy curtains) flirting with Carrie on one of the biggest TV shows at the time. ' New York Magazine cover hit the newsstands in season two episode four, Carrie met Bradley aka Jake while drowning her sorrows on a night out.

He's not, he's actually just a lowly personal assistant that manages to blag his way into his boss Carrie Fisher's mega mansion in an attempt to impress Ms Bradshaw.

Popping up in season six of SATC, the actor played Carrie's high-school sweetheart Jeremy.

The pair rekindled their romance after meeting by chance in the city and enjoyed a steamy night together, only for Carrie to discover Jeremy's big secret - he was only in the area as he had checked himself in to a nearby mental institution. 's Will Schuester only managed to blag a part as an extra back in season two.

Box Set on NOW TV will no doubt notice that Justin Theroux actually played two completely different characters in the show.

In season one we saw him as a budding writer friend of Stanford's who tried to pick up Carrie at a bar.

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The calls will also allow users to flip the camera, so you can get a shot from your front and rear-facing camera with the touch of a button. Of course, all of the videos, unless they've been saved, will disappear after they're read. After almost a week of the new update, though, some users are finding it all too easy to accidentally call their contacts via video call.

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