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In 2012 Horizon and Cross Creek merged and was renamed Youth Foundation Success Academy.Jade Robinson resigned from Youth Foundation shortly before it was closed in October of 2013.After an investigation by Nye County (Nevada) CPS in 2011, Horizon Academy was suddenly re-located to Utah and up until 2012 shared the same buildings as Cross Creek Manor/ Center.

You can choose your language settings from within the program.Jade Robinson former administrator, moved to California to try to open a program named Bell Academy.Due to strict regulations in California, Bell Academy was denied licensing which forced Robinson to move the program to Amargosa Valley Nevada where he opened Horizon Academy.Luke Hallows As Administrator at Casa by the Sea, Hallows participated in, ordered, endorsed, excused and covered up multiple incidents of abuse.Usually pitting upper levels against lower levels, he not only encouraged the violent ways of the program but he was also responsible for the abuse placed upon the whole facility in enacting “code red”, forcing all students to sit in stress positions, walk in circles and remain on complete code silence for weeks at a time.

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