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I need to update these xml files to make sure any new settings (or changed default settings) is renewed.

The deployment of software patches can be just as challenging as building entirely new workstations.

Having your application configuration get overwritten by an updated version of a program could make for a very upset end user (in this case, web site admin).This is VERY safe in most circumstances because you should NOT be installing system file merge modules in your application installs. The application installation should not install files into the system folder and current versions of Microsoft files should be installed using the supplied MSI or exe and NOT using merege modules.A bootstrapper can be created which contains the application MSI and the Microsoft install if needed.Training and support issues can haunt even the most successful software launch for months.Preparing for the rigors of software deployment includes not just implementing change, but training employees, predicting and mitigating pitfalls, and managing expectations.

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