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With this tool the LCD screen and the buttons are becoming optional / useless.You can even remove the LCD screen to put the SD Hx C Floppy Emulator inside the Amiga/Atari/CPC computer without case modification.Credits & Thanks: E-mu Emulator I & II support was possible thanks to Jan Kiefer who supply all necessary materials and supports, to the Software Preservation Society team for the reverse engineering of the Emu II Floppy disk format, and to Kris Van de Cappelle (EMXP developer) for the tests and Emu II technicals informations.Here are the main features of the SDCard Hx C Floppy Emulator: You can found some details about this board here : SDCard_Hx C_Floppy_Rev C/F user manual: SDCard_Hx C_Floppy_Emulator_User_Slim Rev A user manual: Slim_SD_Hx C_Floppy_Emulator_User_Low level format support !- Variable bitrate, flakey bits and long tracks, custom tracks support (emulating of copy protected floppies). - "jumper free" Design : Device configuration on the software.- Flexible Floppy Interface: Shugart, IBM PC and Amiga compatible.If you look for a device supporting IPF / STX please a have a look to the USB Hx C Floppy Emulator device) Data integrity security of the original system respected ! No direct usage of not secured IMG/IMA/”ISO” images or direct flash media bridging without CRC in floppy emulation mode !

No need to already have an image with the right format, just make it by formatting it !

If you have tested the Hx C Floppy Emulator successfully with another hardware or if you want a new file/hardware support, don't hesitate to contact me.

Note : The operating system image (emuiios.emuiifd) must be present in the same folder than the bank files.

Note : The EPM7128S CPLD can be remplaced with the Atmel ATF1508AS.

Once programmed the CPLD got this pinout - There are four LEDs on the board: D1 : Power LED D2 : Select LED : Is on when the target computer acccess the floppy disk. The general quality of this board better but may be harder to build at home..

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