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One summer night, when I was about eight, he took me for a ride in his Ford Popular from our house in Dovecot to an art-deco pub called The Bow & Arrow in the sedate suburb of West Derby.

He left me in the car for a moment as he went inside, carrying a small bag. Moments later, a scene reminiscent of the Keystone Cops ensued, as men fled from the pub, with many of them jumping out of windows.

Gambling was being dragged out of the Dark Ages, when the only legal bets were made on the racecourse, or the phone.

Street betting had been rampant and everyone knew it.

This was the biggest betting-shop payout in history.

The latter was embodied by punter Graham Calvert, who lost a High Court action to recover £2m of losses incurred, he claimed, after his bookies had failed to enact his "self-exclusion" request to stop him betting.

Depending on your point of view, they are either the equivalent of the wardrobe through which you enter a Narnia of wealth and enchantment, or of Dr Caligari's Cabinet, full of horrors and disturbing visions.

Big bookmakers rushed to open shops and take advantage of the legislation that had knocked their street-based competitors out of business at a stroke.When betting shops were legalised on , up to 10,000 opened within the first six months.Nearly 50 years on, there are scarcely fewer in operation and nearly every high street in the country seems to have at least one, most of them modernised and respectable, standing cheek by jowl with the butchers, chemists and building society branches.Bookies' runners ferried bets between punters and bookmakers, collecting in pubs and clubs (commonly in the urinals), and on street corners." This is how Channel 4's ebullient betting guru, John Mc Cririck, recalls that moment in 1961 when betting shops came into being.OK, it's not exactly Martin Luther King's "Free at Last" speech but it does give a flavour of how Britannia began to loosen her corset from the 1960s onwards.

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